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To Be Bold



Most blessed of women is Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite, most blessed of  tent-dwelling women.  He asked for water, she gave him milk.  In a magnificent bowl she brought cream. Her hand on a tent peg, her right hand on a workman's hammer; she struck Sisera, she crushed his skull, she shattered and pierced his temple.  Between her feet he sank, he fell, he lay; between her feet he sank, he fell; where he sank, there he fell, overpowered. 

Judges 5:24-27

Sisera was an enemy of Israel. In an effort to get away from the battle, he went into Jael's tent where she gave him something to drink and a bed to rest on.  When he was in a deep sleep, she secretly went into the tent and killed him.  Because of her boldness and courage, she was a heroine. She boldly took the opportunity that God had laid before her and saved her nation.

How is the enemy of your soul crushing your spirit today?  Is God asking you to step up in boldness and crush him? Jael interceded in battle, you can too. Jael saved the next generation, and through boldness of prayer, intercession for the generation behind you, so can you! You too can take a stand between God and the enemy that taunts you, He gives you the power to take down the strongman in your life.

Sometimes, I forget this. I can become overwhelmed or allow myself to listen to the lies of the enemy, rather than use the boldness that has been granted to me and slay the lies. So, today I declare boldness over myself and over you. Boldness to be in action, like Jael, and move towards freedom.

To Be Brave



 As soon as Abigail saw David, she got off her donkey and fell on her knees at his feet, her face to the ground in homage, saying, "My master, let me take the blame! Let me speak to you. Listen to what I have to say. Don't dwell on what that brute Nabel did.  He acts out the meaning of his name: Nabal, Fool. Foolishness oozes from him.

I Samuel 25:23 (MSG)

Abigail was married to Nabal, he was not considered a nice man. In fact, he was downright foolish. He was ungrateful to David and his men for the help that was freely given to him and his shepherds.  David saved the lives of his shepherds and his sheep, and when they asked him for provisions, Nabal scoffed.

When Abigail heard of her husbands foolish actions, she jumped into action and prepared provisions for David and his men. She mounted her donkey and headed out to meet David. When she encountered David, he was on his way to kill Nabal and his household. She humbly bowed before him and wisely asked him to not dwell on the sinful actions of Nabal. David was thankful, and blessed her for saving him from a grievous sin.

Abigail was a brave women!  She didn't waste anytime moving away from the evil actions of her husband, and living in humility.

The enemy of your soul is very foolish. He is constantly moving against you and scoffing who you are. He works to bring doubt into your life and envelop you with fear. His foolishness oozes all over.  But, we have the same gift as Abigail given to us by the Spirit of God. You and I can be brave as we humbly bow before the throne of God and move against the foolishness the enemy sets before us. Brave enough to stand and intercede for the foolishness of others. Brave enough to humbly step forward to save others from the foolishness of the enemy.

Praying today for all women to walk without fear and to step forward in brave intercession!


Now the God of peace be with you all. Amen.

Romans 15:33

Is there peace in your heart today? Are you able to maintain a position of peace, even when life throws difficulty your way? 

I recently watched a movie about Paul and his time in the Roman prison. Luke was there ministering to him, or maybe Paul was ministering to Luke. There was a lot of persecution going on to the Christians, and sorrow within their communities because of the imprisonment of Paul and the many losses of fellow believers.  But, Paul was full of peace. His peace was so deeply rooted that He was able to love the ones that hated him.  I began to ask myself if it's possible to really love others without peace? What do you think?  With peace, we are not afraid. When we are not afraid, love abounds.  Peace comes from the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and I know the Spirit dwells within me, yet do I remain at peace in times of crisis?  Do you?

True peace brings freedom. Freedom to be who God designed you to be. Freedom to not only love others, but to love yourself.  When this happens then praise rises up to the One who is strong, the One who makes you strong, and through this strength, we will all believe!  With peace you will believe Who God is.  You will believe in the amazing purpose He has put within you. You will believe truth. And, the beauty of all of that is, no one can steal it from you.

Let the God of peace reign within your heart today and go with you wherever you go. Let His peace spread through your home, community, and city. Let the God of peace use you as a peace-maker full of His abundant peace!

When I'm 85



I have considered the days of old, the years of long ago. I will remember my song in  the night; I will meditate with my heart, and my spirit ponders...

Psalms 77:5-6

I recently heard the song "85" the words struck me:

"There is a lie that I believed the more that I got, the more I'd be free, free, free, free

So, I've been away, making the green. See, the more I get, the more I need, need, need, need.

So pray for my, pray for my, pray for my soul. I got a, diesease, and it's gold...."

The chorus continues: 

"I don't wanna be eighty five, singing 'Oh no, I think I missed it, I was chasing money.'

I don't wanna be eighty five, singing 'oh, no, I got a big house, but my heart is ugly'

You can't take it with ya, and your whip aint't gon' miss ya. So, wipe off the window, see the bigger picture now. I don't wanna be eighty five, singing 'Whoa, no, I think I missed it, I was chasing money'.

I don't want to miss out on the important things, like people. My family. My friends.  When I'm 85, I plan to ponder the memories of sweet relationship with the poeple I love and with Jesus. What will you do when you are 85?  Are your days sweet with love? Or, are you in the rat race of life, simply trying to survive? What is your heart chasing? Is the Spirit whooing you to come to His peaceful arms?

I recently traveled with almost all of my children, and it was delightful. As I listened to them laugh together and tease each other, and talk about their careers, I marveled at how quickly time passes by. Some of them have children of their own and their lives are full.  I want to bottle up their voices, laughter, smiles...And, when I'm 85, I want to be the old lady with the heart-felt memories. And, the old lady with her feet solid in Jesus. 

Who are you going to be?

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