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God makes his people strong. God gives his people peace.

Psalms 20:11

We live in a world of turmoil, as I look around I see it everywhere. How does one have peace through it all? What do you have to do to maintain peace within? God has promised to make his people strong and to give them peace, but what if you are not feeling strong and at peace?

I recently had an experience that I walked into and I felt my peace boil into anger, a lot of anger. The situation around me was turmoil, passivity, and discontent. At that moment, I did not feel strong, nor did I feel any peace inside of me. My response was a rebuke. A loud rebuke. This was surprising to those around me, and a little surprising to me too. 

It made me ask the question, "what does peace look like?" and, "When my peace is interrupted, what is the godly response?' 

When Jesus entered the temple and saw all the merchants selling their goods, his peace was disrupted. He boiled with anger because of the lack of respect for his Father's house. He moved through their place of business and rebuked them with a rope, demanding that they leave. What on earth led him to such a display of passion? 

Our enemy is all about chaos and turmoil. He does not want peace to abound, nor does he want us to be a respector of peace. He stirs up confusion, and pain. He also knows that peace can be disturbed by doing nothing. Jesus knew that by doing nothing, peace would not reign in the hearts of others. It takes strength to cut through the chaos, and recreate peace.

Are you facing a place in your life that is confusing, chaotic, and painful? Are you boldly moving towards it, or looking away? What do you believe about peace?   To be a peace-maker, one must confront truth. To live in peace, one must battle the lies within and seek truth. To be given enough peace to slay the chaos, there must be strength. 

Is your peace being threatened today? May God bring you to a place of strength so that you have enough peace to face the threat!

Grace Unleashed



God's grace empowers his chosen remnant.

Romans 11:5

Grace is mysterious. In my life, I have experienced a lot of grace, but I didn't grow up knowing about it. I didn't know that I was saved by God's grace. When I first leared about the amazing gift of grace, I felt empowered. I felt empowered to live a thriving life, full in his freedom. I felt safe. Grace unleashed a fire inside of me that was new and exciting, and it gave me a desire to serve Jesus and tell others of this mysterious gift.  The knowledge of grace enabled me to stop trying to be perfect. It gave me a desire to rest in the arms of Jesus and speak his name.

The mysterious part of this is that the more I rest in him, the more I accomplish. The more I rest in him and believe in his grace towards me, I am empowered through his Spirit to move mountains. Mountains that exist inside of myself, and mountains that surround me externally. His grace works through me in an amazing way, I am aware that it is ALL of him, being unleashed in me.

His grace is there for everyone. How are you experiencing it today? How have you been empowered to move in your life because of his grace? What does grace say to you?

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now I'm found, was blind but now I see! That is part of the mystery of grace; it brings awareness, life, hope, and an abundance that is unleashed in an unexplainable way!

May his grace be unleashed in your life today!

He is Faithful


So now, because we stand on the righteousness of Jesus, God declares us righteous in his eyes!

Romans 3:26

I've been spending a lot of time in the book of Romans. I read it through from the beginning and then the next day, I start again. There's so much to soak in, I could spend months in just this one book. One of the prominent themes in my reading this morning was the faithfulness of God. He is faithful. His love, mercy, kindness, judgment, and hope for his children is faithful. God loved us so much and desired to be faithful to our destiny of eternity with Him, that He was willing to give up His son, Jesus so we could be forgiven of sins. Now, when he looks at us he does not see our sin, but instead he sees our righteousness. He looks upon us in a postitive light, and sees our right doing.

Because of the death of Jesus, we have him for our Mercy Seat. At any time we can come to Jesus for mercy and because of his sacrifice on the cross we are forgiven by faith. He is always faithful to do this, and we are always forgiven when we put our faith in Him. When we do this he takes away our guilt and he makes us right with him by our faith. This is for everyone!

Many years ago I had a dream of being in a wide open space and I was standing there all alone. It was cold outside, snowing. There was a forest all around me, and out of that forest came Jesus. He was walking towards me with a smile on his face. He came up behind me and began to wrap my body in a beautiful robe. Then he came around to the front and put big wooly boots on my feet. He put a lovely crown on my head, that came down enough to keep my ears warm. He then went back around to my back and wrapped his arms completely around me, and He held me snug and warm. He said to me that he was giving me his Robe of Rigtheousness; it was mine forever. 

I've thought of this dream almost on a daily basis. He has me covered. And, this is true for you as well. His love for us is so immense and he is always faithful to declare us righteous and to keep us wrapped in him.

The Greater God



You, dear Children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. 

1 John 4:4

God is greater than all things, all thoughts, all people. His power within us gives us the ability to overcome all that works against us. He gives peace. Because of His peace gift, the "them" in life does not have power. So much can come against us in many forms, and I have felt that in significant ways. It is during those times that I repeat "God is greater"  He's greater than health issues, He's greater than relationship issues, He's greater than loss, lonliness, pain, or whatever comes our way. He is greater.

His greatness develops in my life as I believe in Him, trust His outcome, and live according to His Word. He expands my heart to have compassion and love for those that persecute me. He gives me eyes that see into the supernatural  and enables me to believe He is greater in me. He gives me strength to walk forward and focus on His truth. He is greater all the time.

Though the world is full of opinions and attitudes that constantly work to draw me in, I can always come to the throne room and lean into the beauty of my greater God. Because of Him, there is renewal, restoration, and revival that thrives within me even when some things are not right around me

Let today be the day that you remember the greater God within you, and stand firm!

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