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His Love

 If you only look at us, you might well miss the brightness. We carry this precious Message around in the unadorned clay pots of our ordinary lives. That's to prevent anyone from confusing God's incomparable power with us.

2 Corinthians 4:7


Whatever we speak to in the people around us, that is the very thing that will rise up and grow into something magnificent. If you speak to nobility, then they will rise up to be noble. If you speak to their holy nature, then holiness come through by Jesus being revealed. If we speak to the power of God in them, then they will be powerful! This is what He does for me. My Heavenly Father speaks beauty over my ashes. He covers my sins in grace. He brings my dead bones to life and lifts me up on wings of eagles. He sits me on a heavenly throne and crowns me with a golden crown. He wraps me in a robe of righteousness! He sees me with a pure, clean heart, because He loves me with a love that is never ending.

We carry this amazing love inside of our hearts, this precious Message. It is power. And, with that power, we can change the world. Ordinary lives with incomparable power. I've experienced love like this, first from God and then from Him loving me through His people. It is a power that wins against all odds. 

Be open to His love today, and share it's brightness.


His Glory


Comfort, comfort my people,”
says your God. 
“Speak tenderly to Jerusalem.
Tell her that her sad days are gone
and her sins are pardoned.
Yes, the Lord has punished her twice over
for all her sins.” 
 Listen! It's the voice of someone shouting,
“Clear the way through the wilderness
for the Lord!
Make a straight highway through the wasteland
for our God! 
 Fill in the valleys,
and level the mountains and hills.
Straighten the curves,
and smooth out the rough places. 
 Then the glory of the Lord will be revealed,
and all people will see it together.
The Lord has spoken!”

Isaiah 40:1-5

This verse reminds me of the comfort of inviting Jesus into dark places of our lives. When we say Yes to Him, then the wilderness in our hearts begin to clear a way for Him. The wasteland that was set before us is now a straight highway to Him because He is shining light in desolate corners. 
The areas of life that have been so unknown are surrendered to Him, and His glory is revealed in miraculous ways. Peace shines through. Everyone sees Him shining through you! His glory is revealed, as He speaks through you. Beauty is revealed!



Mercy and truth have met together; righteousness and peace have kissed. 

Psalms 85:10

In my life I've been given judgement and I've been given mercy. I've been given the truth with both. My life has grown abundantly when I've been given the truth with mercy. 

To look at life and the people in it and see who God has created them to be is a blessing indeed. To speak it, is to create it. If I am able to hold back my judgment, and instead announce my foreseen potential over them it will change lives!

Jesus has done this very thing for you. He looks at you everyday and sees your beauty. Spotless. Amazing. Incredible. Full of His Glory! He points out the path for you, full of hope, wisdom, dreams, and strength. You can choose to believe Him, or you can pass judgement on yourself. 

I spent so many years passing judgement upon myself, and never believing the truth of His Word. His mercy towards me did not sink in, I was disconnected. Uprooted from His blessing. Without grace toward ourselves, and others, the truth is futile! It is with His miraculous mercy, that the blessings of fruit are grown within the heart.

The Kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. 

Romans 14:17




I greet you with the great grace and peace poured into our lives by God our Father and  our Master, Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 1:2

When God speaks; it is known. His Word is life and it is full of grace, peace, and hope. His Word brings Light to everything, and it changes our direction. His voice brings dead bones to life. His children know His voice, and they use His voice to greet others with grace and peace. We speak to others the way God speaks, and it brings death to life.

Today is the day you are covered in His grace, today is the day to walk in His grace. Look at yourself the way God looks at you, and then view others through His lens as well. It is all through the lens of grace. This is the day to represent God in word and deed!

How does your life change today if everything you do and say is covered in His grace? If every step you take is first taken with the idea that you are representing Him, how will that change this day for you? Will you speak differently? more or less?

With this on my mind, I speak with fewer words, and listen more for His Spirit to guide me.

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