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Will You Stand?


Stand in awe of God's Yes. Oh, how he blesses the one who fears GOD!

Psalms 128:4

There are blessings everywhere, God's way of saying "Yes", yet at times I have been challenged to recognize my blessings. When I listen to the lies in my head; it covers up the blessings in my life. When I listen to the lies, I sometimes am not able to stand before my God in awe of His Yes. 

When I forget that God has given me the keys to His Kingdom, I allow lies to steal away my inheritance. Lies like comparison, fear, envy, or rejection. The lies have a sly way of overpowering my stand, and I step back to the ordinary.

Today, I will stand. I will engage with the fire of Holy Spirit and allow His presence to burn away the lies. Today I will stand in the shadow of my Savior and believe His voice in my heart. Today I will stand in compassion, hope, joy, generousity, and love. Today I will stand in the numerous blessings that shower my life.

Will you stand too? Will you see His "Yes" and burn with His fire? Will you stand out from the ordinary and shine with awe? Will you stand with me?

Where's Your Happy?



You made me so happy, God! I saw your work and I shouted for joy. 

Psalms 92:4

This is my birthday week. It's been a good week so far, but I've also asked myself some serious questions. Do you ever just sit down with yourself and ask questions? Do you navigate through your life with a curiousity that brings you to your knees before God? Are you on the watch for all that He has for you, and new ways to learn?

There are a lot of things, people, circumstances, and blessings that bring me happiness. I love my family and friends deeply, I enjoy my ministry, I recognize and love the gifts I have been blessed with. All of this makes me feel happy. 

What if I didn't have any of this? What if all I had was the testimony of what God has done and is doing in my heart? Would I still be happy?  If you had to let everything go that brings you happiness, and the only thing left for you was the story of Who God is to your life, what would that look like for you?

I keep thinking of Paul sitting in prison singing songs. He had been stripped of all his comforts, yet still he sang. He was content because He carried a powerful testimony within his heart of Who God was to him! He had come to a place of knowing deep within him that nothing else mattered in his life, just his God.

Strength happens when we let go and see that life can be a roller coaster, yet the ride is a journey towards God's heart, and there in lies true happiness.  This birthday week, I continue to praise Him for the extra benefits in my life and believe that those benefits are His way of showing me how much He wants to bless me. And, in those benefits I continue to surrender them to Him, knowing that my heart wants reward in Him alone.

Warrior Bride


"Come!" say the Spirit  and the Bride. Whoever hears, echo "Come!" Is anyone thirsty? Come!  All who will, come and drink, drink freely of the Water of Life. 

Revelation 22:17

You are the Bride of Christ. He has given you opportunity today to speak life to others and to invite them to come and drink fully of the Living Water. He is the Living water.

The Bride of Christ is a strong and courageous Warrior. she knows who she is and she knows who she belongs to. The Bride Groom has dressed her in white and He sees her beauty. He fills her with goodness and gives her the strength to fight the enemy of her soul. And, there is an enemy. This enemy does not want the Bride to know her beauty, he does not want her to understand that she belongs to the Living Water. He does not want her to tap into her strength and courage and then pass it on to others. 

The Bride is unique and she guards her heart against the unruly attacks of the enemy. The Bride marches to the drum of her Groom, and she lives in freedom of who she is. The Bride does not hide, but she exalts her Groom and rests in the power He has given her. She knows she has authority over her enemy and she's not afraid to use it.

She is humble, which brings her more beauty and strength. She calls out to those around her and welcomes them to the wedding party. 

You are the Bride. Stand firm and let the Warrior inside of you claim daily ground.

God's Not Stumped


But oh! God is in his holy Temple! Quiet everyone-a holy silence. Listen!

Habakkuk 2:20


Its reassuring to know that whatever happens here on earth, God is still God. He is holy and He has a purpose to carry out for all of us. He wants us to know what that is, to partner with Him in His plans, but first we must be quiet and listen! 

What is God calling you to do this week? How is He reaching out to you in your moments of quiet? Are you listening? Are you asking Him?

Our nation was surprised by the election outcome, but God was not! He knows what the future holds and He knows how to work with those in office. He is not stumped today because we are a divided nation. He is not needing to consult with a counselor to figure out the next step. He knows. He is in His holy temple, your heart, and when you slow down and listen He will reveal to you His plan.

God is mighty and able to fulfill all that He means to. He is eager to use His people to unite, love, hope, and walk in courage. Because He lives within you and me, we are a powerful people, and His will reigns. 

When I was younger, Ronald Reagan was elected our next presidient. I remember the people around me being very upset about the outcome, as they believed he was the beast in Revelation. They were wrong. God used President Reagan to accomplish many good things for our country. God does that.

God is in his Holy Temple, and we are the temple of God. Begin your day with still and quiet moments with Him, and listen to His heart for you and your nation.


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