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Nevertheless I am continually with You; You have taken hold of my right hand. 

Psalms 73:23

We live in a society that loves to socialize. We get together and worship together, meet friends for coffee, some hang out in bars, we visit each other's homes and go to movies together. It's good for us to hang out together and develop those treasured relationships.

Now, with social distancing due to the coronavirus, many people are staying at home and postponing social events. I can imagine for those that love to socialize, it is a challenge. Others that may be a little more introverted; it's a welcome haven! I'm more the introvert, although I miss my family and friends.

This morning I was reading about bondservants. During this time in our country it is helpful for me to remember that I am a bondservant of Jesus. I am bonded to Him and He to me; there is no social distancing involved! This means that wherever He goes, I go. Whatever I'm doing, He is there with me to guide  and love me. Because I am continually binding myself to Him, I will never be alone, not even in times of crisis.

We have an opportunity during this time to trust in the nature of God. He does not change. He is always there to give us good and perfect gifts and when we become aware of the immense goodness He has, we are able to see in the dark. God is God all the time, His love doesn't change. He isn't going to love you more tomorrow then today. He is always going to be kind towards you. When you and I learn to trust in WHO He is, our world changes to be more like His. When we live believing we are bonded to Him, then we can see and taste His goodness. When we see and taste the goodness of God we are able to overcome the lies that try so hard to bombard our worlds.

Today, I am praying for our world, country, states, cities, and communities. I am praying for health and safety. Mostly though, I am praying that we will all see the goodness of God and choose to be bonded to Him forever. 

How can I pray for you?



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