When we live our lives within the shadow of God Most High, our secret hiding place, we will always be shielded from harm. How then could evil prevail against us or disease infect us?

Psalms 91:8

I have a confession. I bought extra toilet paper. Not a lot, but yes, a few rolls. There's been way more discussion on toilet paper than I've ever seen, and I've joined in on some of the funny stuff we see on social media. The reality is, if I am not able to get to the store, the extra toilet paper will come in handy for my family. 

The coronavirus has already made an impact on our lives. Plans have been cancelled. Hands have been extra clean. Friends have been stuck on cruise ships. Faith has been challenged as fear grows. Critics have blamed and pointed fingers. It's a big topic!

It's hard when our normal routines or travel plans are disrupted. It is scary to see an unknown virus creep through the country. It can be challenging to stay in a place of peace and be assured that whatever turn life takes, God is there. God will calm the fears when we ask. God will give wisdom, when we seek it. God will shield us from evil, just like any parent would shield their child. He is there to walk the journey with us.

When I listen to the news I can feel the anxiety begin to seep through my pores. There's so much bad news, all the time. When this happens, and I pray for help, I receive His presence of peace. I receive a reassurance that wherever i go, He will go too. He will be there to shield our hearts from the lies the enemy throws our way. He will be there to help us process the fear, which is a dangerous disease of the heart. He is there to give wisdom so we will know how to maneuver through the threats of life, and there will be threats. Things will happen that we do not understand, still He will be there. He is always there.

The lives of some have been far more impacted than mine. When disease strikes and lives are lost, questions arise. Faith is challenged. Fear can get a stronger hold. I am praying that I will have compassion on those that feel this way, or have walked through such losses. When I'm the one feeling fear or loss, I pray that I will have compassion upon myself, and that others will too. Judgment of someone else's fear does not dissapate their fear! Love, on the other hand, will instill peace. This is what Jesus does.

"I know I walk in the flesh where Coronavirus threatens me, but I do not war in the flesh. My weapons are mighty through God and i have the resurrected Jesus Christ within me. I have the power to pull down the stronghold of Coronavirus over my family, and I choose to cast down every imagination abut this virus that torments my mind. I command every thought about Coronavirus to line up with the Word of God and become obedient to Christ." Shawn Bolz