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"And they overcame and conquered him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, for they did not love their life and renounce their faith even when faced with death."

Revelation 12:11


Welcome to 2020! How was your 2019? On New Years Eve I spent a little time thinking back on the past year. One of my highlights last January was a large photo that our children gifted us. It was our whole family standing on the beach at sunset. The photo was a surprise and a testimony of the gift of family that God has blessed us with. We had all gone on vacation together to the coast, and that in itself was an immense blessing to our family. We made connections, we had fun, and God moved the entire time.

Another hightlight for me was watching our two youngest children work together in the business of selling cars. They bought old cars, worked to fix them up and then resold them. It was not just good for their friendship, but it helped our son get in touch with a passion.

God really uplifted me through months of severe pain on my left shoulder. Even after surgery, my shoulder began to freeze. It was debilitating and discouraging. But, God provided a procedure that brought great healing, even through the pain.

After several years of financial challenges, God blessed us with a pay day ever single month in 2019. The challenge of trusting Him through our hardship was not easy for me, yet He continued to whisper to me that He would provide and I would come to a place of abundance in more ways than one.  He has provided in beautiful ways, and I can testify that He has kept His Word to us.

2019 brought chaotic, fun, joyful connections with our grandchildren. I loved spending regular time with them, and putting little gifts in a mailbox for them each time they would come to visit.

My husband and I took a couple trips together, and I knew that it was God's way of showing us His love. I was also excited to have other trips with friends and family that filled my heart to overflowing. With each trip I built connections with people I love, and I felt loved. My team and I went on a trip to the coast that was enriching, restful, fun, and strengthening.  I also got to go to a women's conference with three friends, each of us dove deeper into trusting each other. But, mostly, I again saw how God continued to work in me to build relationship with His people and to give love as well as receive love. 

With every single moment I know God was working and moving me towards the more He has always promised. More of His love, more truth, more peace.

I have felt called to write a book, and 2019 I sent off a rough draft to be edited. This has been a big step of faith for me. My life hasn't always felt as blessed as 2019, but I have believed that God would use every experience  to not only grow my heart, but to prosper others as well. There have been many failures, yet God has turned them into journies I would never trade. 

God also blessed me with the opportunity to be published in Community of Christian Creatives magazine. This process has not only been fun but challenging. I have to dig a little deeper in trusting His Words to me, and focus again on the promise of Who He is and who He says I am.

There's so much more that I could mention. 365 days of seeking my God and Him pursuing me. It's not always as visible in the moment, yet it's still there, still real.

I don't know what 2020 holds, but I do know God is in charge of it all. He has already scoped out the path before me and He has covered me in His righteousness. He has promised me that through His eyes, even with the failures, I am still fabulous. And, so are you!

Take some time this New Year's Day and thank God for the journey. Thank God for leading, loving, and being faithful to you, every. where.  you. go! Whatever you encounter, He will bring blessing from it.

Welcome, 2020. The vision of walking with God will guide your steps every day of this year, and there will be unexplainable joy, hope, peace, and love that will shine brightly to all of those around you!



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