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Sing to Him, sing praises to Him; Speak of all His wonders.

1 Chronicles 16:9

Today I spent several hours at the beach. I sat in the sand and admired all the tiny shells at my feet. So beautiful! I began to quietly speak of all the wonders God puts smack in front of my face every day. Sometimes, I have taken many of them for granted, like these amazing little shells. They are always there on the beach, people walk over them every day, most don't even take notice of their beauty. I began to thank Him for the wonders of His creation. The immense ocean, sand, palm trees, rocks, and shells. My mind shifted to the wonders of living life, to the wonder of opportunity, hope, peace, joy, and love. God created us with the innate ability to tap into His Spirit and to experience His wonder. He then built within us the ability to live life that is full of His fruit even when the circumstances are not always good. This is a wonder worth His praise.

As I glanced around and noticed a few others on the beach, I thanked Him for the wonder of relationships. There was a couple laying on a blanket, a family playing in the sand, and a couple girls taking pictures. Again, God created us for relationship. Even those of us that may enjoy alone time, we still have been wired to have people in our lives. To be known, seen, loved and wanted. To me, I feel like this is a miraculous wonder. Sometimes we experience hardships in life that destroy our trust, or cause us to build walls all around ourselves, but somewhere deep inside we still long for relationship. When someone is able to see us through the eyes of Christ, then we experience the wonder of love.

And, love is a wonder.

Love would not exist without the miraculous wonder of Jesus and His birth. Think about it; the King of all left His home and became a humble servant. The whole story is a marvel, really. The angel Gabriel speaking to Mary, her complete willingness to submit to the will of God, and the conception of the Son of God by the Holy Spirit. Then, there's Joseph's side of the story, he wanted to quietly divorce Mary. She was pregnant and it wasn't by him! Instead, Gabriel came to him in a dream and spoke to Him of the wondrous miracle inside of Mary. He told Josheph to stay, and Joseph stayed.

Fast forward to the birth of Jesus and the shepherds. They encountered angels singing and speaking about the holy birth. They ran to Bethlehem to see the newborn babe. Think about it, if you and your group of friends saw a choir of angels proclaiming good news, what would you do? 

What about now? God hasn't just stopped speaking to us. He has given us so much to be in awe of-to look at with great wonder. Angels still present us with wondrous news. The Bible still is living and active and brings wondrous changes to our lives. God still encounters us with His voice. The Holy Spirit fills us. When we think of the magnitude of this; there is nothing but wonder!

In Hebrews the wonder of His voice is confirmed. "Christ is faithful as a Son over His [Father's] house. And we are His house if we hold fast our confidence and sense of triumph in our hope [in Christ]. Therefore, just as the Holy Spirit says, ' Today if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as [your fathers did] in rebellion.' Hebrews 3:6-7

The wonder of His voice comes through the living Word, or is deeply impressed upon our thoughts, or possibly a still small voice. However it is heard in your life; it is, no doubt a wonder.

As Christmas approches and we may be thinking about the birth of Jesus, His love, our relationships and the gifts He has blessed us with, remember to tap into the wonder. Sing praises to Him for the wonder of it all! For there is beauty all around you and peace in the presence of Christ Jesus.

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