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This word, fabulous, has been on my mind lately. As my daughter and I were playing at Disney Land, we took some time to just sit and watch all the people. So many of them were all decked out in Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Fuzzy jamies with Goofy or their favorite character. Mickey Mouse ears adorned heads of children and adults. It was all truly festive and fabulous! Each person really seemed to feel fabulous too. Adult men adorned in Disney characters, women twirling in skirts, and children laughing with delight. Disney Land brings out the fabulous in all of us, really. It was then that I had a thought that I believe was direct from the heart of God, "You, Darling are fabulous to Me, all the time!"


But then, I questioned the all the time part. Does that mean I am fabulous to Him all of today? Or maybe this week? What about 20 years ago, does it apply to my entire life even when my actions and thoughts did not feel fabulous?  Again, His heart responded. "Whatever. You are still fabulous!" 

God has given me and you the gift of fabulous. Because of the blood of Jesus, fabulous is all that He sees, and it's beautiful.  Did you get that? "YOU, Darling, are fabulous!" As I think back on my life, my story, it is sometimes difficult to understand how through it all, God saw fabulous in me. But then, when I look at who He is and understand how He created me, my mind begins to shift and I allow myself to believe that He sees who I am, not what I've done. He sees all that He created me to be, which could be nothing less than fabulous.

We all have something in our story that was not our most shining moment. Some of us may respond with regret, shame, guilt, or negative thoughts about who we are. Or, we could say, "Whatever. I'm still fabulous!" And, with that positive thought, move on. If we have hurt someone, ask forgiveness. If we have hurt ourselves, then forgive yourself. If we have fallen back into old patterns, get help. Most of all, don't forget that God wants you to know that you are still fabulous! 

Whatever. Still fabulous!

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