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Other seed fell amoung thorns, which grew up and choked the plants.

Matthew 13:7

Changing can be a hard process. Has God ever asked you to change something in your life, and you've been hesitant to let go? Slow to obey? I have.  It's not easy to let go of old habits, and when God asks us to change our ways there are times that change is not complete. When this happens, our old habits and sinful ways become hidden deep down inside of us, rather than renewed and transformed.  This is thorny soil.  Everything looks clean on the outside, but deep down where the roots are it is not cleared out, and weeds are still growing.

Some things may look harmless so we continue to hang on, but the key to ridding your heart of the thorns that crowd out healthy roots is to obey God when he tells you to leave that habit behind. 

This is what a thorny heart may look like:

-You happily receive God's Word and the process of renewal, but it is not complete

-You start out well, but your ability to follow through spirituallly is poor

-There are things that God has asked you to walk away from ( addictions, relationships, sin) yet your response to God has been slow, or you simply won't do it.

What are some of the thorns that might be crowding your life today? Will today be the day you offer your entire heart in obedience to him?











sources: Havilah Cunnintonn/Radical Growth


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