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Some fell on stony places, where they did not have much earth; and they immediately sprang up because they had no depth of earth.

Matthew 13:5

The heart that lives in rocky soil is cluttered.  Have you ever painted rocks?  I have.  Actually, I like to paint words on rocks, mostly because I love words.  Hearts that live in rocky soil have words painted all over their rocks, words such as: worry, anger, bitterness, fear, offense, pain, unbelief, and victim.  As time goes on, this heart continues to collect more word rocks and the soil becomes more and more cluttered making it very hard for anything to deeply set its roots into the soil. When a fresh Word of life is laid on the pile it is happily recieved, but before long, the Word if covered with lies as it becomes buried under the cluttered rocks that gather around it.

When a seed is planted in rocky soil the roots are very shallow and they cannot hold up under pressure. When hardship comes, and they do come, they are ripped up out of the ground and blown to and fro by the wind.

So, what are the words that you have on the rocks in your soil?  Does offense take up your energy and your space?  If so, ask God to rewrite that word.  What about unbelief?

If your heart is in rocky soil you may be

---having a difficult time with forgivness on a regular basis

---feeling weary from disappointment, pain, and offense

---you've been following Jesus for a long time but unable to experience him deeply.  

Jesus wants to have a deeply rooted relationship with you, and he is the Master Gardener.  Ask him today to help you clear away the old rocks, and write new words on the rocks that need to stay.












Source: Radical Growth/Havilah Cunnington

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