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Has God put a dream inside your heart?  Something that you just know you have to do, but it feels out of reach, like a dream?  Is he calling you to do something that looks or feels impossible for the current situation that you are in?  When God gives a dream, he continues to bring it to our minds over and over again. He is relentless in pursueing our potential! 

When I first heard God whisper dreams about me, I didn't really believe them. He continually put the thought in my mind that I would speak, yet being a speaker has never been my top gift. The thought of speaking has been a daily thought for over 20 years, and now it is a dream God has developed within me. He has patiently walked with me through all the side-trips and distractions, gently reminding me of the dream. The impossible dream.  It's not the only dream God has presented me with, there are others, and I've danced around those as well.  Sometimes I've run ahead, lagged behind, avoided, interceded, or revised. Always, God brings me back to the original dream, his dream meant for my life.

Has God given you a dream for your life?  Have you told anyone about it?  Does it feel like an impossibility? Let me encourage you and remind you that God will not let his dreams go to waste.  He has perfect timing and he steps in to nurture his dreams at the right time and bring them to fruition.  His relentless love for you carries every dream into possible.  

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