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I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that sometimes life is a real struggle. It can be the day to day struggle of work, family, finances, relationships, etc or it can be bigger unknown things that we hear on the news like politics, death, kidnappings, terrorism.  The list of stuggles go on and on, especially when that is our focus, it is exhausting, frightening, confusing, and even depressing.  The struggle can become an internal struggle with Who God is, and who we are.  Sometimes it becomes personal; it has for me.  I begin to feel emotional over certain stories and put myself in those situations, then I can allow fear to creep in which makes me want to protect myself and my family in ways that are not really possible for me to do.  I forget about God's sovereign promises  and being anchored in him.  The struggle inside my head is real, and the enemy of my soul is dancing.  

There are times I catch myself in this struggle very quickly, and I stop.  I've learned over the years to hear God through all the noise, and run to him.  But, still there are times that I let it go on too long before I realize that my struggle does not need to be there.  God has given me power to move towards him and change my course.

I read in Isaiah 33 this morning, listen to this:

"You who are far away, listen to what I have done, and you who draw near to me, acknowledge my power and strength!  Sinners in Zion are afraid, and the godless are gripped with panic, saying 'Who can dwell with such an all-consuming fire? Who can live in the presence of the never-ending flame?'

Only those who walk with integrity and speak what is true."

We all struggle. The truth is we all have the power through Jesus Christ to overcome the struggle.  It may not be easy, it probably won't, but because of who God has made you and me to be, his friends and co-laborers, we have the God-given strength and power through him to conquer.  We have the wisdom to see beyond the struggle, and to have the faith necessary to praise his name in all circumstances.  I didn't say for all circumstances, but in all circumstances, there is a difference. 

So, today I am praying over you and myself this prayer: Father God, I acknowledge your endless power and strength, and I thank you for being present with me.  Your Light, Power, and Strength are within me too, creating a shield around me of integrity and truth. Thank you for your mighty protection in this world of struggle.

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