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Our granddaughter was admitted to the hospital the day after Christmas, she was rushed there in an ambulance. Oddly, it wasn't a surprise to me.  Just 15 minutes before my son sent me a text telling me what was going on, Holy Spirit sent me the very same thought.  I was prewarned that she would be heading to the hospital, so I was all ready to meet them there.  On my way to the hospital, I continued to remind God (more for my own sake than His) His promise to protect her, His power to heal her, His incredible love for our family, and the amazing work that He was about to do for our sweet granddaughter.

I arrived at the hospital before the ambulance, and when they took me back to see my granddaughter I was relieved to see her spunk!  She has a lot of opinions, eventhough she is very young, and she's not afraid to voice them! I love that about her.  I knew then that God heard all my prayers in my moment of fear.  Really, He heard me before that.  He knew I would feel afraid, He knew I would need to be prewarned and prepared, so He did that for me.  This is who God is.  When scary things happen, we can always go to Him, and He will always walk us through.

I wasn't totally sure, while I was driving, how it was going to work out, and I was faced again with the reality of Mary's statement. "Let it be to me according to Your Word."  I had to let it be.  I didn't want to see her suffer in anyway.  I didn't want to see my son and daughter in-law go through the pain of seeing their child suffer.  All of it was painful to my heart because I love them so much.  Yet, though it all, God showed me some incredibly strong, attentive parents, and faithful warriors. I'm so proud of them!  

When scary things happen we can all choose to pray, ask others to pray, and lean on one another.  

God gets us through.

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