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We've entered into an age of authenticity, that is to say, people are tired of the masks.  Our children are tired of seeing one person at home and an entirely different person at church, school, or wherever you may go. They want the truth, they want reality. The Facebook version isn't always real!

I do too. It's been a focus of mine for years. The truth, afterall does set us free.

I have a problem with the church body as a whole, so help me out here if I'm wrong.  But, it seem that overall the pulpit is preaching vulnerability and authenticity, yet placing a judgment on someone when they have the guts to actually be that way.  So, what's the point?

I can be real and upfront with you, but are you going to be with me?  Are you going to still walk with me and love me?  Are you going to have that same inner strength to tell me what it's like for you?  How it feels to be with me and how it feels to be with others or without them?  Or, will you just walk away?

Are we really with each other? Or, do we just tell ourselves we are?

 Sometimes I've walked away so that I could be with myself. There's value in setting boundaries.  Jesus was a great One for setting boundaries and for taking time for Himself. I love how He would go up to the hill to pray and to be alone with His Father. He needed to get away from all the people and care for Himself so He could then care for others.  He walked away, so He was able to walk with us deeply and genuinely. He says it all the time "I am with you!"

So, are we really with each other?  Or has the busyness, the judgments, the fears, the heartaches, and the endless lists of stuff kept us from being real with each other and showing our hearts?

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