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We had a full and fun week of exploring. I have always loved Disney Land, and this week was fun for me because I spent two days there. As my kids and I, and my husband for one evening, toured around the "happiest place on earth" I watched people.  Lots of smiles and laughter, fun and games were all around.  Everyone was happy, families were enjoying each other, and being fully engaged with each other. I loved seeing the families that came dressed alike, Moms and dads in Micky shirts and kids that followed.  Families that walked the streets hand in hand, arm in arm.  Disneyland brings families together, and it is a happy place.  My kids love to go there and they are teenagers, they are already talking about bringing their little nephews and neices, and someday their own children, just like I have done with them.  As I listened to them talk the day we weaved our way through Disneyland, it came to me that we have built a family legacy of connection through this place, this happy place. And, it has been a wonderful gift given to our family. It's not the rides, although we have fun on those, or even the sights. It's the tradition of a connecting point. It's the stories we can tell each other about the rides, the characters, the fun times and people we were with. The memories we create every time we go. 

I continue to learn the value of legacy.  It's so important.  It might seem silly that I want to leave a legacy of fun times at Disneyland, but I do. When my children take their children I want them to tell stories like I do: "I rode this exact ride when I was your age, and your grandma rode it too, we would laugh and sing the entire time!"

When I am old, or older, and I am still going to Disneyland, I want to continue to learn about the importance of legacy. I want to carry that whereever I go and instill it into the hearts of my children and grandchildren, so they too will carry it forward.  Legacy is light; it touches lives everywhere, and isn't that what Jesus does?

So, what's important to you? 


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