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The past couple of weeks I wrote about meeting up with long lost siblings and legacies gone astray. Today, I woke up having no clue what to write about.  Usually when this happens, and I begin to pray about it, God will pop a thought into my head and the words begin to flow.  This time, all I got was that "the best things" are always there, we just don't always see them under the wrapping. And, oh how true that is. I don't always see the best in everything, especially in difficult situations. Sometimes I do not take the time to pull back the wrapping and even look for the best, so I miss out on what's there. 

This last weekend, we went to the beach and I stopped in to grab a coffee. As I was waiting in line for my Americano, a gentleman asked me why I was happy.  I said I was happy because there was so much to be thankful for.  He then asked what there could possibly be to be thankful for, and I began to list all the wonderful things God had blessed both him and me with that very moment.  A beating heart, seeing eyes, hearing ears, coffee, etc.  He stood with his mouth open as if he hadn't expected someone to be so readily thankful!   As I left that coffee shop I was thankful for the encounter, it was the best thing for my heart. God brought me someone to encourage!   And, it strengthened me for the day to simply see the best things that we sometimes take for granted.

What are the best things in your life? Have you looked under the wrapping to really take a look? When things are difficult, are you still able to find the best things in life? 

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