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Today I have been thinking about how the Bible is so much like a novel, one of those page turners where at times one might question how so much can happen in so few pages!  Think about it, God speaks and an entire world is created. God draws in the dirt and man is created. Man names lots and lots of animals. God puts man to bed, and woman is created. Woman and man visit a tree, everything goes downhill. Kids enter the world. Jealousy between siblings creates huge issues, and murder causes blood to flow upon the land.  The first mother has lost her son to a sin that not only kills our bodies but kills our souls. What a tragedy.

Before we have a chance to recover the world is so wicked that God can only find one man, and his family, that is loyal to him.  God decides he is going to destroy the entire earth and he tells this one man, Noah to build an ark, so they will be saved. In faith, Noah builds the ark, this is not a small project, then, when he , the animals and his family are safely on the ark, it rains. Everybody else dies. Everybody! The ark floats around, the water recedes, the earth dries out.  The earth repopulates, the people get afraid that there will be another flood and they build a huge tower.  It only makes things worse.

Then, enters Abram.  Soon to be Abraham. His story is pretty long, as he is really good friends with God. They talk a lot, even though Abraham doesn't always do exactly as God asks.  He still has a pretty amazing faith in God.  Abraham has a wife named Sarah, and they both finally get to have a baby boy named Isaac at a very old age.  God promised them they would.  After a few years passed by, God told Abraham to take Isaac and kill him on the alter, Abraham took Isaac, tied him up and proceeded to obey.  But, thankfully, an Angel stopped him.  See?  I told you, he had great faith.

So, then Isaac married a beautiful woman named Rebekah.  They had twins named Jacob and Esau.  And this is where things really start to get juicy....

And, through it all, God loved them all.

tune in next week!

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