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I bless God every chance I get; my lungs expand with his praise. 

Psalms 34:1

This week has been a week of praise.  It has been amazing to be with so many people that raise their arms to God in devoted, loving praise.  Intimacy with God and others can be developed through the act of worship.  David is known for his ability to worship God with all his heart. He poured his soul and heart out to God and through that act, he was changed. When he was full of joy, he praised God. When he was distraught, he praised God.  When he sinned, he still came to God and he praised Him!

On the first day of this conference, someone came up to me and said that I had a David annointing, there was fire in my blood.  I like that, and it has given me a few things to think about and ask myself key questions. When I am full of joy, do I give God the praise?  When life presents me with trials and pain, do I still raise my hands to Him and praise Him?  Does He have my praise on the days that are hum-drum?  What about you? Is your praise to God consistent through life, or does it change depending on how life is going? What moves you to praise His name? When you do praise Him, does it change your heart?

I have a lot to think about after a week of praise. 


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