God reached out, touched my mouth, and said, "Look! I've just put my words in your mouth--hand delivered!"

Jeremiah 1:9

Words have been on my mind a lot. For much of my life I haven't had a lot to say, and then there was a day that I believed God was telling me to speak to others. But, I still didn't have a lot of words. I thought He was silly to ask me to speak to anyone. And, I didn't completely believe it. Then, again, while we were on a vacation and I was walking, I had an experience with the Holy Spirit that convinced me He wanted me to speak, somehow, somewhere, someday. While listening to the Spirit that day, He put this verse in Jeremiah on my heart. 

Since then, I have had many experiences with His Spirit prompting me to speak. And, many experiences with His people, who have known nothing of my personal journey, that tell me the Spirit has shown them I am to speak!  

As I continue to consider this, walk in this, and picture each word being hand delivered from God, I feel in awe.

Is this true for you too? As His beloved child, this is exactly what He is doing for you. He resides within your heart. You have His mind. He is daily molding your very being to renew, restore, and revive you--to give you His words.  He is growing within you so that every word you speak, comes from Him, and there is fruit, light, hope, and abundant joy.

This is His message to me. As I weigh each word and consider the source, I still find I don't have a lot to say, just better things to say with more power.