I will go before you and make the crooked places straight; I will break in pieces the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron. I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know, that I the Lord, Who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel.

Isaiah 45:2-3

On those days when you cannot see what is in front of you, when everything around you is grey, and dismal,  the path is so crooked and each step is treacherous, think on this: He is before you! He will stretch out the path so it is staight, and light up the darkness so you can see the hidden treasure. He will call you by your name, so you will not be lost. 

There have been many times in my life that I have not been able to see ahead, and I have not known what to do. I have been afraid to make the step. His call to me to move ahead with a choice, in faith, is believing that He will make the crooked straight because I have obeyed. He will break down the gates of bronze that keep getting in my way, because I have listened to His voice, and not the voice of "should" or fear or "what if" He will cut through the bars of iron in whatever the resistance is and then I will see all the hidden riches, because I obeyed.

Is He calling your name today? Are you afraid to take the step towards Him because the path is crooked or too dark? Is there something He is beackoning you to reach out and do, but it seems like too much? He is there for you, and He will go before you. He has hidden riches waiting for you. 

He is calling your name!