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You're my place of quiet retreat; I wait for your Word to renew me. Psalms 119:114


It was last December that I challenged so many of you to stretch in some new and exciting way for 2016. One of my stretches was exercise. I have been walking  3-5 miles almost every day. I tried various exercise routines, and finally settled on an app for my phone. It's called Sworkit, and I have found that to be very useful. And, now with summer just around the corner, I plan to ride my bike. I'm excited to ride with family and friends. I've learned that eventhough I am a very introverted person, I do not really care to exercise by myself. In fact, I find a lot of it to be rather boring. 

What have you done with your stretch for 2016? And, how has it helped you feel renewed?

It has helped me by accomplishing my goals, and by reaching out to others to walk, bike, and be together.  It has given me opportunities to challenge myself to think bigger, to change my way of thinking in terms of transportation, and to believe truth about the body God has given me.  It's not about age, or genetics. It's about the way I think. God has put His Word within me to renew my mind, His power. He is my quiet retreat, and when I believe I can do it, boring or not, then I will do it. I'm 53, God's power works at every age! It's not a stretch for Him.

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