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You have purified your souls by obeying the truth in order to show sincere mutual love. So love one another sincerely from a pure heart.

1Peter 1:22

It is because of Christ Jesus that love exists in hearts today. He is the truth. He is the One that cleanses our hearts. The humanity in me does not see love for others, but only feels compelled to strive from my own drivenness and live my own way. Yet, He beakons me, and you to surrender. He calls us to Him, to truth and purity of souls, so that our love for others will be from His perspective. It is not our way. It's not always easy. It brings sincere truth, hope, loyalty, love, integrity, unfailing faith into our lives. It is Him.

He loves you with an unfailing love. He is the God of hope in your life. He will always be by your side. His integrity towards you is like none other and His faith towards you is unending. He creates in you purity.

Today I am praying for more of His truth, an abundance of His love, and a continual pure heart.

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