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Deep Roots with Enough Strength to STAY

Hello! My name is Bethany. Thanks for stopping by to read my blog and to find out a little more about my world. I'd really like to know more about you too. I enjoy blogging, reading, writing, being outside, my family, traveling, Disneyland, friends, deep conversation,  working at my ministry, (Agape Celebration) and so much more.

I am the founder/President of Agape Celebration, and lead a team of women and a man! Our ministry has held several events in the community for women, children and families. I have had several opportunities to speak on important topics such as reconciliation in friendship, identity in Christ, and my personal testimony. To learn more about our ministry go to the Agape Celebration Page. To learn more about my speaking availability , refer to my Speaking Page.

I believe if we are rooted in the firm foundation of God's Word, and we know who we are, then we will be able to weather any storm. His mercy pulls us through the storms of life and brings an amazing strength.

I like to offer this strength and encouragement to others through my blog, speaking, and my ministry. As my readers, I want to bring encouragement to you as you walk through the mud of life, and the joy, knowing you can grab onto the mercy of God and gain strength. It will keep you rooted!

So, my friends, Be Rooted In Mercy today, and feel His strength.

Acomplishments Highlights

  • Married 36 Years- Bethany has been married just over 36 years, and has gleaned many lessons and blessings from those years!
  • Raised 5 kids: She has four boys and one daughter, four grandsons and two grand daughters, three lovely daughter in-laws!  
  • President/Founder Agape Celebration: Bethany founded Agape Celebration with her husband and brought forth the vision of creating a cross denominational outreach.
  • Speaker: Bethany has been the keynote speaker at a number of events.  You can learn more about her speaking here.
  • Writer/Blogger/Author: Bethany has 2 blogs, and is a guest writer for community of christian creatives. She is currently writting a book.
  • Team Leader: Bethany has led women and men to successfully reach out to the communtiy  and challenge others to strive for a heart like Jesus.
  • Group Facilitator: Bethany has led numerous women through the Genesis Process groups and Wounded Heart groups
  • Volunteer: Bethany volunteers on a weekly basis.
  • Training- Bethany has over 150 hours of training in The Genesis Process


My Family

Kind Words From Others

"I've known Bethany,  primarily through women's Bible studies, for several years. We began to draw  into a deeper friendship about a year and a half ago. We set up a daily prayer  time during which, in addition to praying, we shared our hopes, dreams,  experiences, and challenges. When the roof started to cave in on my life, she  was the first one by my side and remains the most faithful to this day. In  addition to our daily prayer time, she sent text messages, phone calls, cards...  whatever it took to encourage me and turn me back to the Truth. She would quote  Scripture to me and pray for me when I was too exhausted to do it myself. As she  walked with me through the darkest part, she suggested that I go through the  Genesis Process. We've met weekly and are now almost finished. I can't tell you  how much this has helped me. I love Bethany as a friend and greatly admire her  as a sister in Christ. She has proved herself faithful, knowledgeable,  trustworthy, safe, and is someone in whom I have full confidence. She strives to  walk with God and this is evident in her daily life. I can honestly tell you  that I wouldn't have experienced the healing that I have to this point if it  weren't for her. God has used her as a tool in my life and the lives of many  others. She has a tremendous heart for hurting women."
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Favorite Books

  • Bible 
  • Strengthen Yourself in the Lord
  • Supernatural Royalty
  • Little Women
  • Supernatural Lifestyle
  • School of Prophets
  • The Passion Translation (Bible)
  • Redeeming Love
  • Experinencing Father's Embrace
  • The Mark of the Lion series
  • Mere Chistianity
  • Half the church




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  • Event Planning
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  • Mentoring/Life Skills

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